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Bagvolution Susi

"I am a passionate designer bag collector and therefore one of you! My high demands on the products have been put through their paces. I wouldn't spray anything on my treasures if I wasn't 100% sure!"


It all started in 2019. After almost 20 years of passion for collecting luxury handbags Susi decided to address the concerns of handbag lovers and refine her beautiful pieces with hand-made bag jewelry. She was fascinated by the care and protection of exclusive handbags. She spent hours experimenting with her outfits and the care requirements of her pets to create something truly special.


Her discovery: As a long-time salesperson in textile and leather retailers, she had only limited access to specialists in leather and textile chemistry . Nevertheless, she didn't give up and spoke to many manufacturers of care products and impregnations. For months, almost years, she tested countless products and finally found a still relatively unknown solution. This is how Wash & Safe was born in the living room for herself.


Bagvolution Wash & Safe 1.0 aus dem Jahr 2020 Bagvolution Taschenschmuck 2020 Story Bagvolution Taschenschmuck 2020 _ Bagvolution Test von Wash & Safe 2020 Bagvolution Wash & Safe Testversuche Denim Abrieb

Claudia's cry for help (Enjoy the Silence) moved me so much that I gave her my cleaning.
Claudia got all the stains out of her beloved bags and posted this.
That was the birth of Wash & Safe 1.0, Bagvolution's first product of 2019. Back then, simple, much smaller 100 ml bottles were filled by hand and labeled with self-printed labels. The set cost €68 at the time.
Today: double quantity 200ml instead of 100ml - foam cleaner with a slight cotton scent instead of odorless spray - and then at a better price

Bagvolution Wash neues Flaschendesign 2023 Bagvolution Safe neues Flaschendesign Version 2023
Bagvolution Care
Their mission: Wash, a cleaner that had to be highly effective on leather and textiles, also safe for pets and children, smelled pleasant and was easy to use. Safe, a waterproofing spray that met specific requirements for leather and textiles, was odorless, food-safe and should be easy to apply. Care is a color-refreshing leather lotion that nourishes and cares at the highest level.
Her enthusiasm: Susi didn't give up, driven by her love for her handbags. She started selling the first products in a simple online shop. The first influencers helped her with sales, and she achieved five-figure sales in the first year. This was the starting signal to invest in the product and further increase revenue.
The change: In 2023, Susi received free development opportunities with the company DokuPit GmbH. She was able to produce her products as a private label at a better price, develop a new product design and refine the recipe again.On the 22nd09.The new shop went online in 2023. New partnerships, collaborations and friendships with several influencers help to continue the success story.
The future: Bagvolution continues to develop and brings new products such as leather straps, extensions, Baglamp, Freshbag and Bagtracker onto the market. In the starting blocks is a “Silk Shampoo + Conditioner” an exclusive detergent for silk scarf lovers. A separate app for a quick inventory of insurance coverage is also planned. So she doesn't run out of ideas so quickly.😉
Bagvolution Strap Vachetta Leder Bagvolution Freshbag 2x75ml  Bagvolution BagLamp mit Sensor
Bag - It is not just a manufacturer of cleaning products and bag jewelry, but a true innovation for the designer bag world that focuses on sustainability. Become a part of the Bagvolution family and support this brand!