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Your expert for the care of designer bags!

Manufacturer of exclusive products for cleaning, caring for, waterproofing, polishing and repairing designer handbags.

✧ Special recipes developed for our own use
✧ Thoroughly tested on well over 100 types of leather and surfaces
✧ Personal expert advice for you

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SPECIALIZED - tailored for handbags made of leather, canvas and textile

SUSTAINABLE - Retains value, increases the value of your bag

GENTLE - no CHEMICALS, gentle on animals and people

GUARANTEE - In-house development & delivery from Austria with return guarantee

PROFESSIONAL - Tested by a lover for 6 years

EXPERT ADVICE - direct support with the developer

INNOVATIVE - constant further development of problem solutions

QUALITY - ISO9001 tested products

TESTED - registered EU trademark

ECO FRIENDLY - economical, sustainable packaging

GLOBAL - worldwide insured shipping

✅ Shop safely from a certified online shop

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Your specialist for ✧ cleaning ✧ care ✧ impregnation ✧ repair of designer bags made of leather, canvas and textiles.