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POLISH - polishing cream for bag hardware

POLISH - polishing cream for bag hardware

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Product description

Make tarnished hardware shine again...

Bagvolution Polish polishing cream for handbag hardware

Discover the fine polishing cream for your handbag hardware with the Bagvolution Polish. Specially developed for the hardware of your favorite accessories, this high-quality polish ensures a radiant shine and protects against future tarnishing. Our exclusive formula removes minor scratches and discoloration while leaving an invisible protective layer that prevents hardware from tarnishing.

scope of delivery

1 piece Polish polishing cream 15g

Suitable for...

《POLISH》 the handbag polishing cream:
is suitable on the following surfaces:
Gold, silver & rose gold hardware
generously mask surrounding surfaces around the hardware with easily removable painter's masking tape
Effective cleaning: Removes dirt, fingerprints and tarnish and oxidation from metal hardware.
Shine-enhancing: Gives your handbag hardware an impressive, long-lasting shine.
Protective effect: Forms an invisible protective layer against tarnishing and further wear and tear.
Gentle formula: Gentle on all types of metal, ideal for gold, copper, silver, brass and stainless steel.
Easy to use: Practical tube packaging for precise application and convenient use.

Application explanation

Polishing cream《POLISH》
1) Before use, mask off the surrounding surfaces around the hardware with easily removable masking tape.
2) Apply polishing cream and polish with a cotton swab or cotton pad.
3) Remove the black soiled polishing cream with a clean cotton pad and polish until the gloss is achieved. 

Important! Not suitable for use on painted, varnished, anodized or powder-coated surfaces,
anodized or powder-coated surfaces.
DO NOT USE ON zippers!
Always test material compatibility on an inconspicuous area.

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<tc>Bagvolution Polish Polishing Cream contains a carefully balanced blend of high quality ingredients specifically formulated to preserve the longevity and beauty of your handbag hardware.
Ingredients: 15-30% aliphatic hydrocarbons, 5-15% soap, <5% anionic surfactants, aromatic hydrocarbons.
hydrocarbons.<!-- --></tc>

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Application PDF download

Bagvolution Application [User manual] DE_EN_WEB

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