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Product description

Experience the ultimate care and protection for your designer bags, shoes or textiles with our exclusive Bagvolution《SAFE SET》.

This comprehensive set has been carefully curated to preserve the beauty, protection and longevity of your luxury items.

✧ 200ml WASH foam cleaner: The powerful formula gently cleanses, removes dirt and leaves your bags, shoes and textiles sparkling clean. Simply apply, massage gently with the included hand brush and admire the result.

✧ 200ml SAFE odorless waterproofing spray: Protect your favorite pieces from external influences. Our waterproofing spray creates an invisible barrier against moisture and stains to keep your accessories in their best condition.

✧ 1x hand brush: Designed for gentle cleaning, the hand brush effectively removes dirt and debris without damaging the material. Ideal for the targeted use of the foam cleaner.

✧ 1x microfiber cloth 30x30cm: Finally, the high-quality microfiber cloth ensures a perfect finish. Apply gently, slightly dampened, to the surface to remove dirt and preserve the shine.

Pamper your luxury items with the Bagvolution SAFE SET and keep your favorites safe.

scope of delivery

➥ 1x 200ml WASH foam cleaner
➥ 1x 200ml SAFE waterproofing spray
➥ 1x special hand brush
➥ 1x microfiber cloth 30x30cm
(washable at 90°C)

Suitable for...

《WASH》 the gentle foam cleaner:
was specially developed for the gentle cleaning of leather, canvas and textiles.
Removes dirt and impurities without affecting the material and

is suitable for the following surfaces:
ATTENTION with Vachetta or Nomade leather will darken. Test on an inconspicuous area first!

✧ Cowhide
✧ Calfskin
✧ Lambskin
✧ Patent leather
✧ EPI leather
✧ Goatskin
✧ Caviar leather
✧ Ostrich leather
✧ Taurillon leather (calfskin)
✧ Clemence leather (calfskin)
✧ Togo leather (calfskin)
✧ Epson leather (calfskin)
✧ Taïga leather
✧ Canvas / canvas
✧ Textiles
✧ Nylon
✧ Velvet
✧ Denim

《SAFE》 the waterproofing spray
Protects your accessories from moisture and stains.
The invisible, odorless barrier preserves the beauty of your luxury items. Everything rolls off!

is suitable for the following surfaces:

✧ Cow leather
✧ Calf leather
✧ Lamb leather
✧ EPI leather
✧ Goat leather
✧ Caviar leather
✧ Ostrich leather
✧ Taurillon leather (Calf leather)
✧ Clemence leather (Calf leather)
✧ Togo leather (Calf leather)
✧ Epson leather (Calf leather)
✧ Taïga leather
✧ Canvas / canvas
✧ Textiles
✧ Velvet
✧ Denim

Application explanation

Application video Foam cleaner 《WASH》

Application foam cleaner 《WASH》

Shake the bottle well before use. Apply foam and clean gently with a hand brush or the Easy Brush without applying much pressure. If necessary, lather again. Remove the dirt with a damp microfiber cloth and wipe dry. Allow to dry at room temperature for 2-3 hours. Depending on the condition, multiple applications may be required. Allow to dry completely between uses.

When cleaning canvas with natural leather, the natural leather areas should be covered during the canvas cleaning process. Clean these separately in a second process.
Patented leather can only be cleaned superficially with our wash and only with the microfiber cloth; color transfer cannot be removed as it is absorbed into the leather. 

ATTENTION with Vachetta or Nomade leather will darken. Test on an inconspicuous area first!


Application video Impregnation 《SAFE》

Application impregnation 《SAFE》

Ensure a clean, cleaned surface with WASH before use.
Spray evenly at a distance of approx. 15cm.
Avoid heavy puddling.
For caviar leather, we recommend gently massaging the safe with the microfibre cloth.
Let dry at room temperature for 24 hours.

Important! Doesn't work on patent leather!




➥ extra gentle, gentle special formula
➥ ISO 9001 certified
➥ no ammonia
➥ no bleach
➥ no abrasive cleaners

✧ WASH foam cleanser
Surfactants from renewable raw materials, natural fragrances, natural preservatives, non-ionized water

✧ SAFE odorless waterproofing spray
aqueous-based, emulsions, excipients, imidazolinone, non-ionized water

Shipping costs and delivery time

Shipping costs:
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Shipping time:
2-3 business days

Application PDF download

Bagvolution Application [User manual] DE_EN_WEB

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